XFlo – Position Transmitter & Limit Switch

Today's modern process control systems need Position Transmitters and Limit Switches that deliver a high level of accurate position feedback.
The infinite resolution potentiometer in the XFlo Position Transmitter senses the exact position of a valve coupled with a two-wire transmitter and sends a continuous 4-20mA signal to a remote indicating device.
The XFlo Limit Switch Box houses two to four Micro-switches or Inductive Proximity Switches to indicate Open, Intermediate or Close position with redundant signal options.
The Position Transmitter and Limit Switch Box can be combined in a XFlo PTLS2 box to provide accurate 4 – 20 mA feedback as well as two positions (Open, Intermediate or Close) via its two auxiliary switches.
The Aluminium housing is compact and explosion proof, weather proof and dust proof.

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